Diceaholic is a site dedicated to a gamer’s best friend: dice. This site is about real dice, RPG dice, polyhedral dice that come in more than just the dull boxy six-sided variety.

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13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jorge Del Pinal said:


    I’m looking to obtain some really big 20 sided dice. I have only been able to find up to 55mm d20 and wanted to see if you’ve ever come across anything larger?


    Jorge Del Pinal

  2. The only time I’ve seen d20s larger than that are in foam dice (either soft squishy foam, or hard rubber-like foam). You can try searching on Google for giant foam d20 and you should get some results.

  3. Hey there.
    Seeing as you are clearly the expert, I was wondering if you had an idea what these dice are all about. There isn’t much more info to them, other than that one side is printed with “10-1”, strangely. Whether it’s 10 minus 1 or 10 to 1, no idea.

    Any idea?
    Thanks for the help.

    • I can’t actually see the 10-1 in the picture, but I’d assume that those are dice made for a specific game and that side has a special meaning for the game. Particularly since there is a “10” face on the die.

  4. I’m looking for dice that are called cube-octahedron (6 faces square, 8 faces triangular) for use in teaching statistics. Can you help me source these?

  5. Hello, thought i would drop by and tell you that there is now a functional D3 out there. I noticed you did not have any on your site and that nobody really does so heres the link http://kck.st/1ck3a8X

    • Actually GameScience makes a d3 as part of their Zocchi pack, and it has been available for years. Admittedly it doesn’t “roll” great, but it’s certainly better than a d4. I look forward to seeing if your project gets produced, however!

      • Yes I have researched all over to find if someone has made a successful D3. There’s is not to bad looking except for the numbers being written twice on each side and on the smallest part of the dice. The design I made has the number on the largest part of the dice so they really stand out. Designing a better rolling D4 has been a thought of mine since I finished the D3 lol nobody seems to like rolling the pyramid.

  6. Hi Diceaholic,

    I found your summary of D&D dice concise and perfect for a web app I am working on. Could I use it if I provide a link back to you? Here’s a demo of what I’m talking about: http://demos.driscollart.com/aplacetoroll.html

    Your text is in the “Types of Dice” section.


  7. Only you can help me, the dice today are not like they used to be.
    Do you know where i can find old school dice like that?

    • Some of those are designs that are still made — the transparent purple d20 is still made by Chessex and sold all over the place, as is the opaque yellow d12. I suspect Koplow makes a transparent blue d4 like you have pictured (not 100% certain). The others I do not recognize.

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