I just recently discovered the amazing Artisan Dice (thanks to a comment here). This are individually machine crafted wooden dice made from fancy woods. They started as a kickstarter project trying to raise $300 to get going, and ended up raising over $90,000!


These dice ain’t cheap — right now it looks like they only sell sets of 4 six-sided dice (either regular d6 or Fudge dice) and on the cheap end they’ll cost around $30 for the four dice, and upwards of several hundred dollars for a set of four, depending on the type of wood that you want.

But holy gods, these are gorgeous dice and are absolutely worth drooling over! We can only hope that as they get up to speed they add more kinds of dice to their capabilities and start producing full 7-dice sets. Update: They apparently do sell polyhedral sets; however, I haven’t yet found where on the site you can see and buy them.

From the info on their site, it looks like they’ll sell to game stores; however, they will not sell to any online dealer. So the only place you can buy their dice online is directly through them.

I suspect that if they continue to be successful, they’ll have to make a decision whether they’re a custom dice shop, or if they’re a manufacturer — manufacturers aren’t afraid of retailers competing with them, in fact the more places that carry your product the better (because you sell more and make more money that way) while the custom shop takes a much larger cut for themselves and deals in vastly smaller volumes, and doesn’t sell to stores. Note: see the comments for a discussion with Artisan dice about selling online vs offline.