Eclipse Phase coverEclipse Phase is a great newer RPG that I’ve been playing a lot lately. It’s an incredibly detailed and crunchy game of transhuman space. This is a fancy way of saying that it’s a sci-fi game set in a future in which human minds can be downloaded into new bodies.

So in this game not only are you customizing your characters stats and skill and the myriad of gear available in high-tech games, but you’re also customizing your body (or morph) and all the myriad of possible enhancements.

Eclipse Phase Dice

While I’m a big fan of Eclipse Phase, it’s not a game for the dice-lovers of the RPG world. Eclipse Phase uses primarily percentile dice to handle most situations. The only time that you’re using anything other than percentile is to roll damage, and even then the dice variety isn’t large.

To dice up for Eclipse Phase you’ll just need the standard 7-dice set, but there will be some dice in there that you’re not going to use. The key is to have the percentile dice on hand, and preferably an extra set (or at least an extra d10 or two) for when you inevitably lose a die or two.