12d6 Shadowrun dice setShadowrun is a popular game in RPG circles, though certainly far less popular than the top tiers of RPG games. Shadowrun uses six-sided dice exclusively, and player are usually rolling a lot of them.

Because of the numbers of d6s used, players absolutely are going to want a lot of six-sided dice for Shadowrun — a standard 7-die set that comes with a single d6 is not going to cut it. Happily dice manufacturers have us covered on this front.

The most common Shadowrun dice set is the 12d6 set (pictured here) that provides a good number six-sided dice in the standard 16mm size. The 12d6 set covers most of the rolls that you’re going to make in Shadowrun; however, the big rolls for the abilities the character is best at will often need 15 or more dice.

Shadowrun players typically will have a couple of different 12d6 sets to have the number of dice they need. However there is another option: you can also get a 36d6 dice set, known as a dice cube. The dice cube provides a heck of a lot of six-sided dice; however, the dice are 12mm dice, which are substantially smaller than the standard 16mm dice.

In the world of Shadowrun the 12d6 sets are more common, though the dice cubes aren’t exactly rare — they are more popular among wargamers however, than among RPG gamers.