Vampire Ankh Dice SetVampire dice are gaming dice that are specifically designed for the World of Darkness game Vampire: the Masquerade — or the reboot version, Vampire: Requiem. Like all WoD games, Vampire uses only 10-sided dice and the standard set of 10 ten-sided dice is considered standard for vampire.

However, while any 10d10 set of dice will work fine for Vampire games, the popularity of vampire led manufacturers to create sets of dice specific just for the Vampire roleplaying game. These vampire dice (pictured on the right) feature a red ankh in the place of the 10 on the face of the dice and are manufactured by Chessex.

The ankh was a common symbol associated with the goth punk style of the original Vampire: the Masquerade and the standard set of vampire dice make use of the marbled green and black look from the original Vampire books, as well as the Mind’s Eye Theater live-action vampire role-playing game.

Vampire Dice Variations

In addition to the green/black marbled version, there have been vampire dice manufactured in other color mixes. Some of these featured a rose design instead of an ankh — a red rose was included on the green marbled background on the original Vampire: the Masquerade book.

Here are the vampire dice variations with which I’m familiar:

  • Marbled green/black with ankh
  • Speckled green/black with a red tip and a rose instead of an ankh
  • Black (with and without a red tip) and a rose instead of an ankh
  • White dice with black ankh

All of these varieties were manufactured by Chessex and of them only the marbled green/black with the red ankh are still being manufactured. Vampire remains a popular enough game that the vampire dice are still in active production; however, the popularity of the game has fallen vastly from it’s height in the late 90s and there is no longer a large enough playerbase to support the huge variety of vampire-specific dice — unlike d&d dice, which still enjoys a huge number of players.