Chessex LogoChessex is the leading dice manufacturer in the RPG industry, and they can be found online at their somewhat dated and not terribly complete site

If you’ve ever been to a game store or a convention and looked through the dice bins, you’ve certainly seen Chessex dice. Chessex dominates the RPG dice market, manufacturing both the very basic and cheap dice sets as well as the more colorful ones. Chessex’s position is so dominant that the only room for most other dice manufacturers to compete is in very high end specialty dice. The only real competitor for the basic $4 – $15 dice sets is Koplow.

Chessex has structured their dice packaging so that all of their dice designs are always sold in the following collections:

  • 7-dice set including the d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and percentile d10 – with numbers
  • Set of 12d6 with pips
  • Set of 10d10 with numbers
  • Set of 36d6 12mm with pips
  • Individually

This sales method ensures that you can get whatever kind of Chessex dice you want in any standard dice set size you want (happily for Chessex, they’re so large that whatever way they choose to sell dice becomes the standard).

Chessex is also know for it’s Pound ‘o Dice bag of dice, which contains approximately 100 dice of various designs, sizes, and denominations. The mix is supposed to reflect common dice proportions (so far more d6 and few d12, for example). The Pound o’ Dice is an inexpensive way for gamers to purchase a lot of dice, but generally the dice are pretty ugly and are clearly cast-offs that could not be sold.

The success of the Pound ‘o Dice has prompted Chessex to also release a Pound ‘o d6 package, and other dice manufacturers have since offered Pound ‘o Dice packages of their own.

Chessex is also known for their dice scoop at GenCon, where they have a vase barrell of loose dice. For a price you can scoop a mug and keep all the dice in the mug, and for a larger price you can get a bucket to scoop with. For a slightly higher price you can actually choose which dice to place in your mub/bucket (though if you ask me that ruins the fun).

Chessex dice are made via plastic injection molding and are actually manufactured in Europe, and Chessex has their own proprietary molds.